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​​​Competa enjoys a variety of annual fiestas and celebrations. There is always something going on, from weekly street markets to local festivals with food, music and dancing.

Please feel free to ask us more about the different celebrations shown below. We are happy to answer your questions about Competa’s fiestas!

March or April Semana Santa (Easter week)

The highlight of the week is the Passion play, where an image of Christ on the cross is carried around the village by the villagers.

March 23rd to 27th Competa Art Walk

March 2016, it's time for the 8th Artwalk. An annual tradition when visitors come to Competa for the easter period. On Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March, 11:00 to 19:00, you will see a wide diversity of art in different locations. Artists and craftsmen will be present and happy to talk about their work, inspiration, vision and techniques. 

To celebrate this event Chili B&B has commissioned two paintings which you can see displayed at our B&B and shown opposite.

May 3rd Dia de la Cruz (Cross of the Mountain)

Villagers make a cross made from flowers and after a few hours of dancing, traditional foods and games, the cross is then taken up to the monument at the Cruz del monte (Cross of the Mountain).

June 23rd la Noche de San Juan: the welcoming of summer

This welcoming of summer involves a little of everything you should expect from summertime in Spain, but amplified. In Spain, people are said to live outdoors, so the start of summer is a huge excitement. Everyone is ready to have fun, be with friends and family, and celebrate with food, drinks, and bonfires. 

July 21st-25th Feria de Competa (The Competa fair)

Considered one of the most important events in the village, and a must do if you have the chance to be in Competa in late July. There is everything you would expect from a fair, with live performances and dancing and also many cultural events during this time, making it well worth a visit for the whole family.

August 15th Noche del Vino (Night of the wine)

A very popular celebration of wine, Noche del Vino (Night of the Wine), is held each 15th of August. The celebration is a very old traditional party, but was made official in 1975, and is now a perfect opportunity for visitors to get in touch with local traditions and try the famous, locally produced wine. There is a free lunch of Migas (fried breadcrumbs), salad and most importantly a glass of the locally produced muscatel wine for eveyone in the wine square (Plaza Vendemia). There is a medieval market on the various winding streets of Comepta running down to the Plaza Almijara. The party starts in the morning of August 15th with various events and continues into the evening until the early hours of the next morning with music and dance around the village. Seats to the performances in the Plaza Almijara can be bought from the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento). The performances in the wine square are free of charge.

September 7th La noche de las Lumbres (Night of the fires)

The hillsides light up with bonfires to celebrate the night that fires are once again allowed to be lit in the countryside. You may also hear fire works and music in the Plaza Del Carmen just down the road.

September 22nd-25th- Competa Walking Festival

If you like walking this is the perfect event for you! Competa offers spectacular walks and is well known for its scenic routes and hikes. Join a guided group or choose to explore walks, hikes, and trails on you own.

Swim, Bike and Run Events in the area

Many events are detailed here:

September, Swim the Gibraltar Strait

The shortest distance across the Gibraltar Strait is from Punta Oliveros (Spain) to Punta Cires (Morocco) with a total distance of 7.8 nautical miles (14.4 kilometres) . Because of the characteristics of the crossing between these two points, it is not the most suitable course for the swimmer. Most of the attempts have been made from Tarifa Island to the vicinity of Punta Cires having to swim between 9 to 12 nautical miles (16.5 to 22 kilometres) due to the influence of the strong currents which prevail in the Strait. Only in the case where the swimmer attempts the double crossing (round trip) can the start of the crossing from the Moroccan coast be envisaged. The swimmer has the possibility to touch the African coast from Cires point till Almina point, near Ceuta (this is the last possibility to arrive). Only 500 swimmers have achieved this!

October 4th- Malaga Triathlon -The sixth edition of Triathlon Málaga comes with a completely revamped format. Along with the Sprint distance, which can be completed individually or as a Relay. A middle distance triathlon without drafting has been added, developed to accommodate a greater number of athletes with a flat and fast circuit which can be completed individually or as a Relay. An event combining the most popular triathlon (Sprint) and also the most demanding (Middle) – a perfect close to the Triathlon season.

SPRINT Swim: 750m Bike: 23km Run: 5km

MIDDLE DISTANCE Swim: 1900m Bike: 90km Run: 21km

October 11th Half and Olympic Triathlons - I DX2 INACUA TRIATHLON HALF COSTA DEL SOL

1.9km swim, 84 km bike and 20km run. In Güéjar Sierra, Grenada.

October 11th Sprint Distance Triathlon Torre Del Mar

750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

November 22nd Duathlon Cross, Malaga

December 6th Duathlon Cross, Malaga

December 13th - Carrera del Pavo – Sportive from Velez-Malaga to the the centre of Competa. Called the Turkey Classic as its so close to Christmas!

March 27th Triathlon Grenada

Come to Grenada for the holiday of a lifetime while doing the sport your love. Hosted at the beautiful Port Louis Marina, the Grenada International Triathlon features two different course maps; one for juniors and the other for Sprint & Olympic athletes. Spectators and athletes will have a great view of the swim course from the docks of the marina while the bike and race course is along the roads of the Kirani James Boulevard.

April 3rd - Torre Del Mar Colour Run

Karen coaching swimming in Oxford at a Swimsmooth training event.

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